What if…

what if this store were to be yours

Yes. This is the question. What if this store were to be yours? You’ll most likely be on a way to hit an iceberg and soon to close your business. Only to face the fact that you have to sell to another douchebag this store. Word of advice: if you make this mistake, at least keep the sale sign.

Call 913002263 or 966938303 and say “I know the answer!”


A sale with a flavour

Vende-se t3 com águas frutadas
It’s always good to mix work with pleasure, specially when it helps your digestion. And when this funny approach helps you to keep your neighbours looking closely to your sale sign, even better as it will increase your odd of closing that sale on your apartment or, in this case an attic.

When we first saw this image from a fresh new contributor we smiled and thought that in some way, it was in order to collect pearls like this one that we first started this blog.  We have to thank Sérgio Pinto’s sharp eye and humour for that.

As for the rest of the visitors, why not call 934632057 and ask the price for a cold and fresh flavoured water (closet, maybe?)

Sale signs can be trendy too

Sale signs can be trendy too

This image comes to tell that sale sign can also be a positive change for the city. It can bring a smile to any photographer’s face once the angle is right and the light as needed. If so, the little sale communication burden is now a royal attraction on the viewfinder.
At least that was what we thought when we took this shot.

What to do when all district is for sale?

Faro for sale on a wall

Best known for its beaches and hot weather, today we share Raimundo’s photo contribution from an Algarve sale. In fact it’s the largest area sale so far at Portugal4Sale manifest blog. This reality may reflect the lack of economy competitiveness in the south part of the country due to its low resources and tourism seasonality effect. But as we notice, this is has been a national trend.

As we have been referring (although it may not look like that) we are just focused on the visual result of one’s will and effort to sell a property. Many often performing drastically bad. But we do know we have a poor economy helping us by feeding us some pearls… like this good example.

Joining awful handwriting, bad planning and even worst marketing message, we get a wall graffiti stating that if you call this number (just pick one and get lucky) you can get Faro for sale. Imagine the sale commission.

We chose this photo today after the inspiration from TV news report from SIC about “Portugal à venda”, which is portuguese for Portugal for Sale. They were informing of entire villages that were found to be for sale… if only they have seen this wall painted sign, they would report a sale for Algarve’s largest city :).

Gaudi for sale in Portugal


Just like Gaudi but without the aesthetic sense. And it’s all for sale. At least that was what Carlos G told us, when he shared with us this image. Thank you for your continuous contribution.

Just a small note for the wonderful handwriting and bilingual text. And all with a mobile number hard to understand. All in all, a pearl in sale technic.

Cheers, and keep on trucking… for sale. 

Think before you act

Think before you act

This is a good speciem. Indeed. There is lack of reasoning all over it. The one selling it just wants attention. Big time attention. As for the new owners… They just want to get this sale sign of the wall! They should have thought of it before buying it.

When a sale leaves behind an empty house…

Families lose their houses
Take a look at this P3 article that presents the photo work by André Pais that shows how real people are forced out of their dream life leaving their house and belonging behind. Our Portugal4Sale manifesto just got a glimps at the stories that sale signs sometimes hide.

Nice work P3 and André Pais for showing it to the world… better than us.


Will House Sales be at stake?

Portugal is at a turning point. suddenly people are spending their savings and consuming! This is good news, but… will this mean our project have an end?

We have missed fillings as we’ll face the rise of Portugal economy and life will burst again from this country, but we’lll be out of visual manifesto… Well that’s not so bad after all 🙂

Brevemente uma nova loja?

Why do buildings sales have better signs?

Build for sale

Is it just us, or do you get the same idea? When the real estate is of greater value, the sale sign is bigger, better and premium. This is just one more example of many others we have been collecting.

By the way, if you’re an investor take a look at this friendly neighbourhood. Shaking hands and all! A real treat!

Darwin law applyes to sales

Darwin law applyes to sales Once upon a time there was a country in debt crisis. its people were forced out of jobs and lost their income. Real estate business was down and sales stopped. Sale signs then started putting up hanging on walls and windows. Then came the evolution and people realised there wasn’t much money going around. The solution would have to be… renting. Portugal4Rent! Hurray!

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