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The start of it all

It was more than 4 years ago that I’ve seen for the first time this unique and brilliant sign. It is a sale sign, or at least we believe it to be like that. It is a sign with a message for sure. Not a real estate sign, OK. We give you that. But it is a funny way to use space for your commercial message.

We explane. It is in fact a rural sign, captured near Parede de Coura, in Portugal inner land, where we only pass by to head for a music festival, once a year…. and yes, also to get Fly London shoes, as we recently found it to be produced near by.

But back to the sign.

Placa com Venda de Mel original

This small pointy arrow message simple says “Honey S.” where “s” is a small way to say “For sale”. We fell in love we this as the pointless “S” is used with care and planning from someone. I mean, someone had to think on the best way to expresse the message to drivers passing by that they could find honey for sale. As the action plan was set in place the message almost was reduced to the basic essential “Honey”. But not this guy! You could wander if it would be renting honey or just a honey museum or even give a way place….

For all it matter, this was the beggining of this blog. The sparcle started here, and we had to wait for 4 years to get this picture. Thank god that good material last long and we managed to capture it on film.

Be inspired and go out and sale.

V.Mel num sinal


Lovely and “Thank you”

Black sale sign with white painted writing

Ohh, how I missed this kind of sale signs. Beautifully hand-made and painted with all the love and care in the world. This has to be someone who is sorry to leave and sell this joint. And for that it spent some time painting a lovely poster to hang it on the house front.

Notice how the number “4” is leaning to the left. And also that the background is not a perfect black card. It seems that some editing and amend was done… well as they say “shit happens”. Nevertheless it takes our maximum 5 points score!

Well done. Keep them coming.

White Mountain for sale

Vende-se terreno escrito numa placa branca

Did you missed us? Well we at Portugal4Sale were a bit behind or tasks. But allow us some time to get back on track for a full rentreé. To prove that, here’s a perfect handmade, aesthetic and nicely drawn sale sign.

Interested in a land for sale at White Mountain street? Catchy name, don’t you agree? Take a chance on 937402428 or 938851393.

When fancy sale sign is not catchy enought!

Casa da calçada em amarante para venda

Look at this picture. You get the proper design outdoor, with a direction arrow, and a nice type font old style and all. Not to mention the little detail icon for the phone number. All in all, if by the end of the day you don’t get enough opportunity to score a sale and let some one pass on by unnoticed, well you just need to change your real estate sale technic.

No wall graffiti. Just a sign on a pole

Vende-se 919223663

Let’s celebrate the option of not painting the wall of this house for sale and the effort of sticking up a sale sign made with a precise “For sale + number” message.

I’m not sure about the house deal but one thing I know. It is a good sale sign! Stands out, literally.

Wall notes: “Need to sell this joint”

Love the story behind this message. Someone was asked to put up a marketing strategy to sell this property. Up until this point it is a normal start, and nowadays is almost daily routine in Portugal.
But apparently the fellow in charge was a douchebag with no plan or strategy and a bad idea for a concept of designing a message. This guy is the seller, for what we can read on this wall. He accomplished something, but nothing to be bragging about.
In terms of sale message, although very confusing, it manage to include everything on the message – thank god there is space for him to paint. But a simple “For Sale” would have made the trick, don’t you agree?
Call 933476072 or 229372542 and say congrats!

Sale message on a wall

Real Estate Sale Kills

Urban art sale sign

You are looking at a piece of urban art! Not a stencil or graffiti. It’s just a plain sale sign over a chaotic urban average wall which is cover with dust, paint, rusty, metal and rotten and wore wood. The white noise is silenced with the white colour of this majestic sale sign that recalls us of the typical smoking awareness alert signs, placed over cigarette packages, and which here remind us that sale sign are good when presented with heart and soul like this. The city hub and pulse loves and thanks for this art form. Thank you aesthetic real estate salesman! We want the best for you.

Vintage sale sign

worn out sign
This sale sign beats all the competition. This sale sign is definitely from some aesthetic proud owner. It’s a sale sign that shows all the others why they should be thankful for not being successful at real estate sale. It’s like a good Port Wine that got the golden aura along the years resting for the final day of opening the bottle. This business property should have the same final opening ceremony and if possible letting the sale placard hanging on the wall as a trophy for the future generations to understand how it was a dark age for selling houses. Only the brave succeeded.

OK, so what is it necessary to become a legend? It’s simple, produce a hand-made sig that could become old long the years and keep its style design. To finish it, you have to hang it on a smart device and to top it of, get a spelling device. Yes, look at this “trazeiras” (back in Portuguese) misspelled… gorgeous.

Meet one of the business bravest. Call them and ask for the Jardim Santana sale sign.

Vintage sale sign

5 stars aesthetics sales!


We love this little pearl. We grade it 5 starts and it more than fair. If not by the handmade sign approach, we love the fading away message that highlights the “N72”. Combining with a good day light shining over a perfect photo frame and, BANG! There you have it. A royal sale sign.

We deeply hope that this doesn’t sell for the industry sake.

Call 917720853 and let they know they are running for best sale sign award! @Leça da Palmeira.

Photo perfect

Detail, detail, detail!



Today we share someone’s work that expresses his meticulous dedication to detail. Here is some that picked the colour of the sale sign matching the white house.

More! He didn’t follow the basic red catchy colour to go with it. No sir! He detected that blue would be rather stylish (which we can agree).  Not happy with that, he informs this is a direct sale only. Not sure why he uses brackets, but we all have our way.

Call 933159204 for congratulate the design @ Leça da Palmeira

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