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Stupid window frame, not helping me close the sale.

The sale sign is on but the sale doesn’t happen! What could ever be wrong if we just did all by the book?

…Ohh wait. We forgot that the window is blocking our contact number. Let’s call them and let them know… Try to figure out the correct figure.

Selling with a paper on a window


2015 New Year Resolutions… Why botter

White paper on the windowWhat if your 2015 resolutions would be putting up your house for sale? Well this one has that new year resolution, but is not up for the effort of doing it right! All smal letters and numbers. Why botter? Really. It’s better to complaint. Call 931648683 and give this real estate owner some guiding please.

How long lasting sale signs are born


Why are poles the most frequent locations for sale signs? I believe it’s not for its easy access. The high visibility is the reason why. The sad story is that often those sale sign are located on a high point where after the sale is done no one that cares enough will be willing to climb that pole to bring the message down. And that’s how a long lasting sale sign are born.

…Damn it! If only there was a number I could call!

(Thank you Daniel for the photo)

A sale with a flavour

Vende-se t3 com águas frutadas
It’s always good to mix work with pleasure, specially when it helps your digestion. And when this funny approach helps you to keep your neighbours looking closely to your sale sign, even better as it will increase your odd of closing that sale on your apartment or, in this case an attic.

When we first saw this image from a fresh new contributor we smiled and thought that in some way, it was in order to collect pearls like this one that we first started this blog.  We have to thank Sérgio Pinto’s sharp eye and humour for that.

As for the rest of the visitors, why not call 934632057 and ask the price for a cold and fresh flavoured water (closet, maybe?)

Sorry! Small sale signs are hard to read

Small Sale Sign in the shadow

We have few to say on this one. Yet another handmade and hard labour put into action for a small sale sign, and with even an out of the box approach. You can see it by the red-letter painted over the black wood sign on a pole. sadly, it is hard to read as it lays down on its own shadow.


It is easier to see the top building roof sale message than this close sale sign by the road. Live and learn.

Mr. Dumb Dumb is selling his business

Vende-se loja com papel A4

How hard can it be? Some day we’ll try it out just to test it. It appears to be an easy job, but so many brave souls have tried and failed it (sarcasm alert!).

This white-painted glass window was scrapped to feature a sale A4 paper sign. But some how the dumb dumb doing that job forgot to look at the text alignment and it came all wrong.

Well, at least he managed to clear up pretty well space for a horizontal direction paper sign in the future. And by changing it often it may draw attention and sell this business.

Problems with stickers?

Colar cartazes mal

The problem with assigning some job that should require some technic is this, as presented at this photo… you’ll never get the same result as if it was conducted by you. In this case, the owner trying to sell the house.

Imagine the effort and planning done just before someone put it to wast in the implementation. Someone had to measure the balcony, approve the vinyl sticker and then… puf! Get it wrong.

It will be a “no sale” sign we’ll have to watch for a looooong time.

Car block

Car block

Short word of an advice: Level your sale sign to the minimum height of a car, other wise it won’t make its city visual noise function towards a sale!

I wish i had a (good) camera every time I see a sale sign at night

I wish i had (a good) camera every time I see a sale sign at night

Yes. Unfortunately i didn’t so I had to use my crappy mobile phone’s camera to capture this ruby! Half sign, upside down message and a lot of effort put into it!
Maybe I’ll go back again just to capture this properly. Hopefully it is located close to “Senhor de Matosinhos” location, were we have a festivity going on, so I’ll save the trip for some fun & eating time.

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