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Stupid window frame, not helping me close the sale.

The sale sign is on but the sale doesn’t happen! What could ever be wrong if we just did all by the book?

…Ohh wait. We forgot that the window is blocking our contact number. Let’s call them and let them know… Try to figure out the correct figure.

Selling with a paper on a window


How long lasting sale signs are born


Why are poles the most frequent locations for sale signs? I believe it’s not for its easy access. The high visibility is the reason why. The sad story is that often those sale sign are located on a high point where after the sale is done no one that cares enough will be willing to climb that pole to bring the message down. And that’s how a long lasting sale sign are born.

…Damn it! If only there was a number I could call!

(Thank you Daniel for the photo)

Holidays for sale?

Going away for some vacations? Most likely you’ll go across country with a camera on your wrist. So please think of us and take away some pictures of sale signs outlooking for awkward and unique communication signs. Just like this good example from some dump close to Soajo, Gerês, up in the North of Portugal.
Yeap, just to show that even sale signs face distintive approach from North to South of our territory, and yet everywhere there’s some real estate for sale.

The wall is shrinking

Sale sticker sign
In sale, detail is king! So here we are looking at a poor pawn approach. This guy didn’t event take the effort of measuring the wall or the sale sticker in other to avoid this mess! More. Neither can we call this real estate agent, nor can this sticker be easily removed. So this mess will be here for a looooong time. Good to know how people sell houses = 0 effort for sale or design.

April fool’s for sale

April fool's for sale

Why not go for the prize? Play a prank on your neighbour by sticking a sale sign on the window and let him find out the following day by the early morning!
… well maybe he’ll be happy for it and go along with the april fool’s prank and try to sell the joint!
Why don’t you try to find out and tell us later here at Portugal4Sale.

Stop painting the walls

Stop painting the walls

Learn from others mistakes. If you’re not sure for how long a sale will last, you’ll better not use a painted sign for your message, otherwise time may play a prank on you and force you to change it over. Take a look at this fellow. Somewhere along the way he changed his mobile service and now it just highlights that this is taking too much time to be bought.

I would tell you to call up for this property, but there isn’t a way to do that. Try clapping your hands. Maybe he’ll hear you. @Porto.

Wall graffiti

Yeap! That will do…

Lazy sale

Dear god! This fellow needs urgent lessons to improve it’s sale technics. How does he expect to get read of this beutiful jeuwel, if the slae sign doesn’t even shows his contact… But some smart  doing was conducted to keep the sign close to the window. We can notice that by the string hanging out side the window. But, again it is a lazy job for a dump house.

Yeap, we have a winner for sure. This will win the trophy for long lasting sale. @ Matosinhos.

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