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White image for a dark sale

One more sale sign

Yes. Another sale sign on a white paper for a white door.


Stupid window frame, not helping me close the sale.

The sale sign is on but the sale doesn’t happen! What could ever be wrong if we just did all by the book?

…Ohh wait. We forgot that the window is blocking our contact number. Let’s call them and let them know… Try to figure out the correct figure.

Selling with a paper on a window

2015 New Year Resolutions… Why botter

White paper on the windowWhat if your 2015 resolutions would be putting up your house for sale? Well this one has that new year resolution, but is not up for the effort of doing it right! All smal letters and numbers. Why botter? Really. It’s better to complaint. Call 931648683 and give this real estate owner some guiding please.

Passing shot, again


After a long silence, during which we get tired of posting photo after photo of sale sign creativity, we at Portugal for sale get excited after a new wave of street sale signs. And then it hit us. The emotion got back and as we drived by a far away billboard message. We get another drill of fun as we reach fast for the camera and instantly push on and turn dial for a passing shot.

Yes. The image is blurred but the emotion is real. We’re back in business. Sale’s up.


What if…

what if this store were to be yours

Yes. This is the question. What if this store were to be yours? You’ll most likely be on a way to hit an iceberg and soon to close your business. Only to face the fact that you have to sell to another douchebag this store. Word of advice: if you make this mistake, at least keep the sale sign.

Call 913002263 or 966938303 and say “I know the answer!”

Can you read the sign?


This was a moving shot. I noticed while driving there was a nice window message. But now, looking at it i can only imagine that it would be another sale sign. Hunf! 😛

Space for sale


Not long time ago, men went on space to discover a new frontier. That frontier soon vanished when men conquered moon. That small step led us to believe in a good future ahead.
Now, japan let’s know of their will to put a robot out in space! Can you imagine?
Well, we, in Portugal, we are moving behound that! We are put a price tag and puting up a sale sign on space!!
Take a look of this out of the box sale sign at Lisbon bairro alto store!

I wish i had a (good) camera every time I see a sale sign at night

I wish i had (a good) camera every time I see a sale sign at night

Yes. Unfortunately i didn’t so I had to use my crappy mobile phone’s camera to capture this ruby! Half sign, upside down message and a lot of effort put into it!
Maybe I’ll go back again just to capture this properly. Hopefully it is located close to “Senhor de Matosinhos” location, were we have a festivity going on, so I’ll save the trip for some fun & eating time.

Oporto downtown window sale

Oporto streetview

Oporto is a magical city, with a lovely city center, that attracts visitors from all over the globe. It is without a doubt a lovely place to spend a few worm days among Europe’s best hospitality people.

You’ll enjoy sightseeing the pitoresc city center streets, the old architecture and also, the countries new trend, for sale signs. Maybe if your lucky you’ll even spot this one, hanging just at Aliados Avenue, close to city hall.

Take a picture or just invest for a good location real estate. Our word of advice.

Do the math

Do the math

Job offer! We are looking for someone who can do the math and present us the percentage of apartments in this building that are up for sale.
Easy job, but with frequent calculation update.

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