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The privilege of doing something wrong

Half sale sign
We have no more time to wast here. No longer do we have time for a perfect photo. No walking around looking up for a sale sign.
Well at least I do not have more time for a perfect framed picture. So, word of advice for you real estate sale sign guys out there. Put your sale advert in the middle or some place where it can be easly seen.
It will help your sale.


Avoid the windows

Avoid the windows

Yes. Not smart to stick the sale message on the window cover. It will be ruined once you open it!

I wish i had a (good) camera every time I see a sale sign at night

I wish i had (a good) camera every time I see a sale sign at night

Yes. Unfortunately i didn’t so I had to use my crappy mobile phone’s camera to capture this ruby! Half sign, upside down message and a lot of effort put into it!
Maybe I’ll go back again just to capture this properly. Hopefully it is located close to “Senhor de Matosinhos” location, were we have a festivity going on, so I’ll save the trip for some fun & eating time.

I spot a little sale sign…

Half sale sign from remax

Even without a good view angle we can see sale signs hangging all across town. This one shows it’s red, blue and white colours behind the neighbours balcony.

Humpf! Oh well. When will we stop this visual noise city polution?

Yeap! That will do…

Lazy sale

Dear god! This fellow needs urgent lessons to improve it’s sale technics. How does he expect to get read of this beutiful jeuwel, if the slae sign doesn’t even shows his contact… But some smart  doing was conducted to keep the sign close to the window. We can notice that by the string hanging out side the window. But, again it is a lazy job for a dump house.

Yeap, we have a winner for sure. This will win the trophy for long lasting sale. @ Matosinhos.

Have a slice sale

Slice sale

Portugal has millions of proprieties for sale, and almost no one is buying! Yet some people want to promete their sale with cleaver sale signs like this. Hunf! @ Some where in Portugal

by A. Queiroz

50% off!

Half a sale
Spend wisely! Select the best by spending little. Choose this bargain half price house… or is it half house for full price? If only we had the number to check! @ Leça da Palmeira

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