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Same times you just have to keep your options open

We are back. We never left. Although those guys selling this place are on the move. They just want it off. for sale or rent. Anything will do. Even if they have to clean up the white window to put up a white paper.


Darwin law applyes to sales

Darwin law applyes to sales Once upon a time there was a country in debt crisis. its people were forced out of jobs and lost their income. Real estate business was down and sales stopped. Sale signs then started putting up hanging on walls and windows. Then came the evolution and people realised there wasn’t much money going around. The solution would have to be… renting. Portugal4Rent! Hurray!

Is it renting a solution?


Suddenly everybody started to sell their houses in Portugal. We have been reporting that with out manifesto. But more recently we have been noticing a growing number of renting signs. Is this trend catching up as a solution for our real estate problems? Our is that just an illusion? In our opinion signs that announce sale and renting options are Just mixturing different targets and wasting focus opportunity, besides putting the client in a good bargain negotiation point.

No man’s land

Sale close to cemetery

Which is the best caption or sale advertise:

– Live close to your ancestors

– Enjoy a dead silent sleep

– Quiet neighborhood


– We are still selling because no one’s buying!

No man's land

Notes from Paris: “We are out of business”!

Portugal4Sale & Business

“Notes from Paris” is always a good way to present your new fusion cuisine restaurant. Better yet to title the blog post for running out of business. Good luck on trying to sell the place to a new investor. A note from the good people of Portugal4Sale, a.k.a us: If you found out there are fewer people going out to restaurants nowadays, your about to find out there are even fewer people with money to invest in real estate. For your sake, let’s hope we are wrong.

@Leça da Palmeira


Atention, going out of business throu this door.

business for sale or rent

Once this exit warning sign was useful (stating in portuguese, on that white paper, “please keep the way clear letting all the cars passing in and out).Now is just visual noise, and the only information that should have been left hanging should be the question mark on the bottom as this broken business owner cannot figure out if he want’s to sell or rent this outlet. This confusing messages are the key for him fail every sale opportunity.

@ Matosinhos.

Assertivity sale

Red door sale

Completely in blue waters! Why isn’t it a trend to advertise the house price in sale signs? This is completely out of the box announcement so far here in Portugal4Sale blog.

Some may say that this only happens when the price is a competition advantage. Other may say that real estate business likes to bargain the price. We say this is a winner and will sell soon.


… Or at least will change the price tag for an even lower one, since it appears to have happen before, from the initial price of 68.000€! Or just maybe the owner is a bit confused. Just call 968128675 and find out @Golegã.

Thank you Álvaro Q.

Pick a number

Hard sale

Not one, not two, not three, but four!! Yes, it’s that hard. If you want to raise your odds of selling get 4 real estate brokers and maybe… just maybe, it will happen!
Let’s help this desperate guy out. Call any of these numbers for a house @Leça da Palmeira.

Note: Nice graffiti. Sure looks like a nice neighbourhood.

Pick a salesman

New Year resolutions: Get the house back!


2012 was a bad year for all portuguese families. Many had to lose their homes, due to payments default. With the coming New Year the wishes are to get back on track and get their houses back! At least for these fellows who the court ordered a judicial sale. If you feel like helping them with this sale, call 916302038 @Madalena

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