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How long lasting sale signs are born


Why are poles the most frequent locations for sale signs? I believe it’s not for its easy access. The high visibility is the reason why. The sad story is that often those sale sign are located on a high point where after the sale is done no one that cares enough will be willing to climb that pole to bring the message down. And that’s how a long lasting sale sign are born.

…Damn it! If only there was a number I could call!

(Thank you Daniel for the photo)


A sale with a flavour

Vende-se t3 com águas frutadas
It’s always good to mix work with pleasure, specially when it helps your digestion. And when this funny approach helps you to keep your neighbours looking closely to your sale sign, even better as it will increase your odd of closing that sale on your apartment or, in this case an attic.

When we first saw this image from a fresh new contributor we smiled and thought that in some way, it was in order to collect pearls like this one that we first started this blog.  We have to thank Sérgio Pinto’s sharp eye and humour for that.

As for the rest of the visitors, why not call 934632057 and ask the price for a cold and fresh flavoured water (closet, maybe?)

What to do when all district is for sale?

Faro for sale on a wall

Best known for its beaches and hot weather, today we share Raimundo’s photo contribution from an Algarve sale. In fact it’s the largest area sale so far at Portugal4Sale manifest blog. This reality may reflect the lack of economy competitiveness in the south part of the country due to its low resources and tourism seasonality effect. But as we notice, this is has been a national trend.

As we have been referring (although it may not look like that) we are just focused on the visual result of one’s will and effort to sell a property. Many often performing drastically bad. But we do know we have a poor economy helping us by feeding us some pearls… like this good example.

Joining awful handwriting, bad planning and even worst marketing message, we get a wall graffiti stating that if you call this number (just pick one and get lucky) you can get Faro for sale. Imagine the sale commission.

We chose this photo today after the inspiration from TV news report from SIC about “Portugal à venda”, which is portuguese for Portugal for Sale. They were informing of entire villages that were found to be for sale… if only they have seen this wall painted sign, they would report a sale for Algarve’s largest city :).

Gaudi for sale in Portugal


Just like Gaudi but without the aesthetic sense. And it’s all for sale. At least that was what Carlos G told us, when he shared with us this image. Thank you for your continuous contribution.

Just a small note for the wonderful handwriting and bilingual text. And all with a mobile number hard to understand. All in all, a pearl in sale technic.

Cheers, and keep on trucking… for sale. 

When a sale leaves behind an empty house…

Families lose their houses
Take a look at this P3 article that presents the photo work by André Pais that shows how real people are forced out of their dream life leaving their house and belonging behind. Our Portugal4Sale manifesto just got a glimps at the stories that sale signs sometimes hide.

Nice work P3 and André Pais for showing it to the world… better than us.

Spain for sale

Spain for sale, also!

Where’s the surprise? We all know that Europe’s is going thru a long crisis, and as Portugal also Spain is in struggle. One of the blog contributors, Raimundo Q., strolled along Spain only to find out that if not worst than in Portugal they too have a real estate crisis, where the sale sign is the manifesto that shows the world in a whirlpool change. Funny, this sale (and rent) sign, by being placed over a date reference (2011.10.20). Is this out of date? Or is it to let since then? take your chances and call. Do remember to dial the international number.

And now for something completely different

And now for something completly different

Let’s face the weekend without the bad karma of a country up for sale and with all properties to let.

Yes, Portugal has a lot of empty houses. Yes Portugal is a country in crisis. But it is also true that everyone is dealing with it as a condition that we have to overcome.

No use keep on crying about the lost opportunities. So, Today we feel like promoting some different sale sign. A sale sign that may inspire a nation to something bigger. Today we drop real estate and promote Wine! We have Wine and it’s up for sale.

Step right up and call 279859367 to drink all sorrows away and embrace a new life.

Thank you A. Queiroz for the photo! Do please send in your sale sign view from your daily route and neighborhood as explained in the contribution page.

Happy Environment Day… yard sale

Environment day yard sale

Celebrating today’s thematic day of environment, we dedicate this photo submitted by Álvaro Q. of a sale sign hanging somewhere in the open field stating that this open yard of 32 hect. is up for sale. I’m sure Planet Earth would like to ear from this one, more so that they guaranty that there is 646m2 ready to receive a new facility.
Why not put all our lands to let and chop all trees, dry our rivers, kill all animals and live wealthy ever after. And blame the “evil machine” on the environmental lack of sustainability.
Or not.
Let’s hope this land will never be sold for our own sake.

Happy Environmental Day, everyone!

Sun light for sale

Sun light for sale

Good bargain if your the type of person that enjoys baiting out in the sun. Well those guys are almost giving it away! “Raio de Sol Vende-se”, portuguese for sun ray for sale.
It’s pitoresc sale sign like these that makes our day and gives Portugal4Sale visual social manifesto blog a purpose and reason to keep on going.

Thank you A. Queiroz for the contribution from somewhere close to Mangualde.

Rock for sale (property included)

Rock for sale (property included)

Not an ancient form of real estate marketing sale but close enough. Today we share a beautiful graffiti sale message painted in black on a granitic rock somewhere close to Portugal central area, close to Mangualde, from what it seems.
But again, this picture highlights the long-lasting differences from the city to the village lifestyle, where no esthetic design sign is found but the message gets its way to the “air” by its elementary form.
Looking at it, we like to understand the motive that lead into the creation of this message. Someone had to kneel down to paint it, but first scale the numbers for those two lines and only one rock area. Although by the middle of it their hand started to go slightly down the line. But its a perfect message, thou! Sad that for such a large area of wall they had to pick a small minor little rock beneath the door step where few take the change of looking :). Better strategy planning some other time.
For now we thank A. Queiroz for this submitted photo and its gorgeously inclusion of the black sheet and clothing air drying with colourful cloth pegs.
Portugal is for sale but it still keeping its roots of a slow pace and lovely country with humble people.

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