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White image for a dark sale

One more sale sign

Yes. Another sale sign on a white paper for a white door.


Gaudi for sale in Portugal


Just like Gaudi but without the aesthetic sense. And it’s all for sale. At least that was what Carlos G told us, when he shared with us this image. Thank you for your continuous contribution.

Just a small note for the wonderful handwriting and bilingual text. And all with a mobile number hard to understand. All in all, a pearl in sale technic.

Cheers, and keep on trucking… for sale. 

Green sale sign for a ochre door

Green sale sign for a ochre door

Lovely colour combination, don’t you think? We fell in love with this sale manifesto as soon as we spot the green sign.
Please, who ever buys the house, leave this hanging please, will you!

Holidays for sale?

Going away for some vacations? Most likely you’ll go across country with a camera on your wrist. So please think of us and take away some pictures of sale signs outlooking for awkward and unique communication signs. Just like this good example from some dump close to Soajo, Gerês, up in the North of Portugal.
Yeap, just to show that even sale signs face distintive approach from North to South of our territory, and yet everywhere there’s some real estate for sale.

No wall graffiti. Just a sign on a pole

Vende-se 919223663

Let’s celebrate the option of not painting the wall of this house for sale and the effort of sticking up a sale sign made with a precise “For sale + number” message.

I’m not sure about the house deal but one thing I know. It is a good sale sign! Stands out, literally.

Need a Campaign Headquarters?

House for sale with flagpole and sale message

Portugal is about to enter a municipality election campaign period, and as always a lot of investment is done in order to attract voters. Well we just spotted this nice outlet with a balcony and flagpole installed just what any future mayor would appreciate for a nice political propaganda campaign! Why didn’t this property owner thought on that?! Instead of having 3 (yes, 3!! just in case you need to choose) mobile numbers he could highlight its features. If only he would have directed the message to the flagpoles and it would had attracted the right clients!

Well, I’m here doing he’s job and letting you know! So, Mr. candidate: Take a good look and call for your next election campaign headquarters. Bring flags, we have the poll.

Why is it that the more space you have, more mistakes you end up doing?

Take a look at this (sad) sale example. It is a mess and doesn’t help hit sale targets. Let’s go step by step on this for best practices sharing.

List of sale mistakes in real estate

1. Plan your message first.

Do you want to express conditions, who’s selling or what are the full details? Plan this step and only then move forward. It tends to be better to use simple contents and messages like just “To let” or “Sale” and a phone number. If not, you’ll end up with a large message that it wont fit the poster, wall or sign, and most important on consumers mind.

2. Choose wisely the sale sign material.

If you predict you’ll be changing from one real estate broker to another in the future, it’s better to use a poster sign. Nothing permanent like a wall graffiti. Elementary my dear Watson.

List of sale mistakes in real estate

3. Use a number that you’ll keep in the future.

Again, why should you use a mobile number that in the future it wont work? Simple. Use a mobile number that will exist in the future.

List of sale mistakes in real estate

4. Paint it over before emend it!

So you choose to paint the wall. It has pros and cons, like, it will be out of the box, original and even maybe artistic. But 99% of the times they are not. So please learn from others experience and avoid emending the wall graffiti like a paper. If needed, please do it properly and first paint the wall over before amend it.

Wall notes: “Need to sell this joint”

Love the story behind this message. Someone was asked to put up a marketing strategy to sell this property. Up until this point it is a normal start, and nowadays is almost daily routine in Portugal.
But apparently the fellow in charge was a douchebag with no plan or strategy and a bad idea for a concept of designing a message. This guy is the seller, for what we can read on this wall. He accomplished something, but nothing to be bragging about.
In terms of sale message, although very confusing, it manage to include everything on the message – thank god there is space for him to paint. But a simple “For Sale” would have made the trick, don’t you agree?
Call 933476072 or 229372542 and say congrats!

Sale message on a wall

Sun light for sale

Sun light for sale

Good bargain if your the type of person that enjoys baiting out in the sun. Well those guys are almost giving it away! “Raio de Sol Vende-se”, portuguese for sun ray for sale.
It’s pitoresc sale sign like these that makes our day and gives Portugal4Sale visual social manifesto blog a purpose and reason to keep on going.

Thank you A. Queiroz for the contribution from somewhere close to Mangualde.

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