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Same times you just have to keep your options open

We are back. We never left. Although those guys selling this place are on the move. They just want it off. for sale or rent. Anything will do. Even if they have to clean up the white window to put up a white paper.


Darwin law applyes to sales

Darwin law applyes to sales Once upon a time there was a country in debt crisis. its people were forced out of jobs and lost their income. Real estate business was down and sales stopped. Sale signs then started putting¬†up hanging on walls and windows. Then came the evolution and people realised there wasn’t much money going around. The solution would have to be… renting. Portugal4Rent! Hurray!

Can you read the sign?


This was a moving shot. I noticed while driving there was a nice window message. But now, looking at it i can only imagine that it would be another sale sign. Hunf! ūüėõ

Spain for sale

Spain for sale, also!

Where’s the surprise? We all know that Europe’s is going thru a long crisis, and as Portugal also Spain is in struggle. One of the blog contributors, Raimundo Q., strolled along Spain only to find out that if not worst than in Portugal they too have a real estate crisis, where the sale sign is the manifesto that shows the world in a whirlpool change. Funny, this sale (and rent) sign, by being placed over a date reference (2011.10.20). Is this out of date? Or is it to let since then? take your chances and call. Do remember to dial the international number.

Capture a blur type portrait of a sale sign over a graffiti

Capture a blur type portrait of a sale sign over a graffiti

The number 13A caught our attention and the small sale or rent sign made us pull the camera. As we noticed the garage door being all covered with graffiti but the top part (out of reach) we then realized why this small message paper was hanging on such a high level: That would be the only way to keep the chaotic and crowded night area of Bairro Alto – where Lisbon night life takes over.
We managed to capture a blur image but you get the picture, right? If there is a chance of someone vandalizing your sale sign, put it out of reach.

But please keep it easy to read! Not like this bad example…

Do the math

Do the math

Job offer! We are looking for someone who can do the math and present us the percentage of apartments in this building that are up for sale.
Easy job, but with frequent calculation update.

Is it renting a solution?


Suddenly everybody started to sell their houses in Portugal. We have been reporting that with out manifesto. But more recently we have been noticing a growing number of renting signs. Is this trend catching up as a solution for our real estate problems? Our is that just an illusion? In our opinion signs that announce sale and renting options are Just mixturing different targets and wasting focus opportunity, besides putting the client in a good bargain negotiation point.

Atention, going out of business throu this door.

business for sale or rent

Once this exit warning sign was useful (stating in portuguese, on that white paper, “please keep the way clear letting all the cars passing in and out).Now is just visual noise, and the only information that should have been left hanging should be the question mark on the bottom as this broken business owner cannot figure out if he want’s to sell or rent this outlet. This confusing messages are the key for him fail every sale opportunity.

@ Matosinhos.

Improvement on the dots…

Wall sale

Why should we keep the middle of the digits clear. We like to paint it. That will keep us busy and different from the rest. Os just stupid. Well, it caught our attention back in @Portalegre.

Found on the web

As we pass by the 100 post published, today we share an efficient way to describe current country’s real estate (state) of art :)!

This is a clipping of a newspaper real estate ads page found at google image search where someone put Portugal up for sale, describing it as a 90.000 km2 of land with sea view well located, but in need for some maintainance. Indeed so true!


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