The start of it all

It was more than 4 years ago that I’ve seen for the first time this unique and brilliant sign. It is a sale sign, or at least we believe it to be like that. It is a sign with a message for sure. Not a real estate sign, OK. We give you that. But it is a funny way to use space for your commercial message.

We explane. It is in fact a rural sign, captured near Parede de Coura, in Portugal inner land, where we only pass by to head for a music festival, once a year…. and yes, also to get Fly London shoes, as we recently found it to be produced near by.

But back to the sign.

Placa com Venda de Mel original

This small pointy arrow message simple says “Honey S.” where “s” is a small way to say “For sale”. We fell in love we this as the pointless “S” is used with care and planning from someone. I mean, someone had to think on the best way to expresse the message to drivers passing by that they could find honey for sale. As the action plan was set in place the message almost was reduced to the basic essential “Honey”. But not this guy! You could wander if it would be renting honey or just a honey museum or even give a way place….

For all it matter, this was the beggining of this blog. The sparcle started here, and we had to wait for 4 years to get this picture. Thank god that good material last long and we managed to capture it on film.

Be inspired and go out and sale.

V.Mel num sinal


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About GLNT

A street stroller, passioned about Portugal, that has a camera ready to collect the best of life on photo.

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