A sale with a flavour

Vende-se t3 com águas frutadas
It’s always good to mix work with pleasure, specially when it helps your digestion. And when this funny approach helps you to keep your neighbours looking closely to your sale sign, even better as it will increase your odd of closing that sale on your apartment or, in this case an attic.

When we first saw this image from a fresh new contributor we smiled and thought that in some way, it was in order to collect pearls like this one that we first started this blog.  We have to thank Sérgio Pinto’s sharp eye and humour for that.

As for the rest of the visitors, why not call 934632057 and ask the price for a cold and fresh flavoured water (closet, maybe?)


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About GLNT

A street stroller, passioned about Portugal, that has a camera ready to collect the best of life on photo.

2 responses to “A sale with a flavour”

  1. José Jorge Soares says :

    Amigo Bruno,
    Only in Portugal! Temo que, p/ detrás desta pérola de cultura, esteja a mão tenebrosa das Águas do Luso, procurando promover a s/ nova AGUA DE CÕCO…
    Abraço do amigo de sempre
    J.J. Soares

    • GLNT says :

      Olá caro amigo e, surpreendentemente, leitor ativo. Seguramente algo terá deliberadamente motivado este engano caso contrário não estaria na parede. Seja água, seja uma casa de um disléxico, certo é que ficou aqui registado para o futuro.
      Será que não terá visto uma pérola destas por onde anda? Registe em fotografia e envie. Terei todo o gosto de partilhar. Um abraço amigo.

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