Local governemnt wanted! Land for sale sign…

É preciso governo regional. Venda de terreno!

We are soon to have local election for city hall and town council. This is setting the national agenda on media and people’s minds. So, we at Portugal4Sale Manifesto blog believe that it is the perfect timing for us to present our own requests and demands for every city and town in Portugal regarding sale signs.

We believe now is the perfect time to be heard on this topic. But honestly we do not know what to request? Whether to limit sale signs hanging on the window, or if only a law against unappealing signs? After our year’s collection work we believe that many sale signs are a sweet treat for the eye, and that shows a lot of soul towards our people at this time of crises.

Having said this, we thank you for your opinion on this, and share an image that will inspire you to a next level of wall painting and sale signs hanging manifesto act.

Cheers and, as this image shows, We demand local government!… and also have a land to let!


About GLNT

A street stroller, passioned about Portugal, that has a camera ready to collect the best of life on photo.

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