What if there was a law against it?

How could we survive a law against billing a sale message? How could people tell their neighbours they are on the move? How could cities walls be decorated with loud  and noisy signs? I believe we wouldn’t. Someone along the way would go on to break the rule and would hang a sale sign for the simple fact that it would be the only one and that way it would be noticed and would grant a sale.

In other orders, we will have a long future ahead of us here at Portugal4Sale.sale sign on the wall


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About GLNT

A street stroller, passioned about Portugal, that has a camera ready to collect the best of life on photo.

2 responses to “What if there was a law against it?”

  1. Leonor Reis says :

    Hi! 
    This kind of messages on the buildings is noise visual … in my opinion, devalues the neighboring properties, that when purchasing their property, they believe in their investment.
    It is wise to turn to real estate agents … yes, they should do this work… they are the professionals and experts. Or … if the owner wants to do it personally, there are other ways to do it!

    • GLNT says :

      Indeed. Meanwhile it allows us to collect and create an unique image of real estate DIY sale marketing, as it interacts with local community as a visual city landscape.

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