Why is it that the more space you have, more mistakes you end up doing?

Take a look at this (sad) sale example. It is a mess and doesn’t help hit sale targets. Let’s go step by step on this for best practices sharing.

List of sale mistakes in real estate

1. Plan your message first.

Do you want to express conditions, who’s selling or what are the full details? Plan this step and only then move forward. It tends to be better to use simple contents and messages like just “To let” or “Sale” and a phone number. If not, you’ll end up with a large message that it wont fit the poster, wall or sign, and most important on consumers mind.

2. Choose wisely the sale sign material.

If you predict you’ll be changing from one real estate broker to another in the future, it’s better to use a poster sign. Nothing permanent like a wall graffiti. Elementary my dear Watson.

List of sale mistakes in real estate

3. Use a number that you’ll keep in the future.

Again, why should you use a mobile number that in the future it wont work? Simple. Use a mobile number that will exist in the future.

List of sale mistakes in real estate

4. Paint it over before emend it!

So you choose to paint the wall. It has pros and cons, like, it will be out of the box, original and even maybe artistic. But 99% of the times they are not. So please learn from others experience and avoid emending the wall graffiti like a paper. If needed, please do it properly and first paint the wall over before amend it.


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