Beware of the dog!

Painted wall with a dog Dog on front of a sale sign on the wall Dog on front of a sale sign on the wall

For once this post is not about a sale. We spotted this somehow looking lost dog just bellow a sale sign. It was adorable looking and we had to stop the car and capture it on photo. Luckily this dazed and confused dog stood there just doing what they are most famous for… laying still and doing nothing. So I’ve took 3 shots and by my surprise he waved he’s head from left to right allowing me to have a special quick animal star photo session right in the middle of the street. Well traffic started to be impossible to hold and I had to move the car, once I’ve realized my focus lens didn’t captured the full sale message and by luck I managed to point and shot behind my back as I was already moving.

As a result, I love this photo moment captured in this triple photo set. For those that keep on reading and following this blog and online platform (thank you for the attention and do apologize for all the lost hours reading this 🙂 )  you’ll understand that once we started this so-called “Visual Social Manifesto” project I wasn’t rebelling (too much), but just setting a strategy and excercise to train my copywrite skills, understand a bit more about blog phenomenon and its platforms, and, finally, develop my amateur passion about photography. It all took form with this WordPress blog that followed inspiration to its sustainability, wits, design and concept on Portuguese blog “kim jong il looking at things”.  It pretty much describes where we aim and intend to stand today.

So, when we capture a triple image like this dazed and confused dog under a sale message painted on a wall we have to smile and feel happy about it, and to our self effort dedicated on this solo project (yes, I use the plural a lot, just to mention me, the author – simple ego issues).

Please be inspired by those 3 photo, and call the 229960828 to let them know the sale will not happen because of the eye-catching dog beneath the advertising. For sale grafittig


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A street stroller, passioned about Portugal, that has a camera ready to collect the best of life on photo.

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