Us looking in the mirrow

After a long period (for the internet, 8 months is indeed a long period of time) we try to understand the direction this blog is taking, following more than 130 posts with sale sign photos, and apparently we find out the answer by analyzing what we are not doing – or at least not intent on doing.

Are we aiming at selling houses? No, not at all. If by our action our blog helps to sell some real estate, good! I guess for both owner and new buyer.

Are we anti patriotic and want to promote Portugal as a Country for sale? Well, we fear that for the future this blog may look at a manifesto against Troika and anti-Portugal politics. May we stress that we are not looking for that approach. Necessarily we debate the influence of our current crisis towards the urge of selling houses, but we will not stop once this period is over as we are propelling a state of art hand-made, single movement expression that results in sale sign urban noise across Portugal landscape.

So, are we an artistic photo blog? Far from it. Most of our photos are pretty bad, as we collect them in the most improper amateur way. Some look great. Others are just garbage. But other reflect a magnifique view of someone’s artistic expression thou a sign to sell a property, filling everyone’s daily routine with it’s sale message. When that happens we are just happy.

Sadly enough, we figure out that when we take a picture and share on Portugal4Sale blog, we simply are looking at our self in the mirrow, as ourselves may, in the future, need to move and sell our apartment and will enter the same social depression that only exists to those trying to get rid of their house investment.

229388811 sale sign


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About GLNT

A street stroller, passioned about Portugal, that has a camera ready to collect the best of life on photo.

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