Vintage sale sign

worn out sign
This sale sign beats all the competition. This sale sign is definitely from some aesthetic proud owner. It’s a sale sign that shows all the others why they should be thankful for not being successful at real estate sale. It’s like a good Port Wine that got the golden aura along the years resting for the final day of opening the bottle. This business property should have the same final opening ceremony and if possible letting the sale placard hanging on the wall as a trophy for the future generations to understand how it was a dark age for selling houses. Only the brave succeeded.

OK, so what is it necessary to become a legend? It’s simple, produce a hand-made sig that could become old long the years and keep its style design. To finish it, you have to hang it on a smart device and to top it of, get a spelling device. Yes, look at this “trazeiras” (back in Portuguese) misspelled… gorgeous.

Meet one of the business bravest. Call them and ask for the Jardim Santana sale sign.

Vintage sale sign


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