Same times you just have to keep your options open

We are back. We never left. Although those guys selling this place are on the move. They just want it off. for sale or rent. Anything will do. Even if they have to clean up the white window to put up a white paper.


Sale signs for sale

Sale Signs for saleAfter many years of collecting and taking pictures of sale signs on the walls houses for sale, we finally discovered the houses that have sale signs laid down for sale.

Karma irony.

Stupid window frame, not helping me close the sale.

The sale sign is on but the sale doesn’t happen! What could ever be wrong if we just did all by the book?

…Ohh wait. We forgot that the window is blocking our contact number. Let’s call them and let them know… Try to figure out the correct figure.

Selling with a paper on a window

2015 New Year Resolutions… Why botter

White paper on the windowWhat if your 2015 resolutions would be putting up your house for sale? Well this one has that new year resolution, but is not up for the effort of doing it right! All smal letters and numbers. Why botter? Really. It’s better to complaint. Call 931648683 and give this real estate owner some guiding please.

The start of it all

It was more than 4 years ago that I’ve seen for the first time this unique and brilliant sign. It is a sale sign, or at least we believe it to be like that. It is a sign with a message for sure. Not a real estate sign, OK. We give you that. But it is a funny way to use space for your commercial message.

We explane. It is in fact a rural sign, captured near Parede de Coura, in Portugal inner land, where we only pass by to head for a music festival, once a year…. and yes, also to get Fly London shoes, as we recently found it to be produced near by.

But back to the sign.

Placa com Venda de Mel original

This small pointy arrow message simple says “Honey S.” where “s” is a small way to say “For sale”. We fell in love we this as the pointless “S” is used with care and planning from someone. I mean, someone had to think on the best way to expresse the message to drivers passing by that they could find honey for sale. As the action plan was set in place the message almost was reduced to the basic essential “Honey”. But not this guy! You could wander if it would be renting honey or just a honey museum or even give a way place….

For all it matter, this was the beggining of this blog. The sparcle started here, and we had to wait for 4 years to get this picture. Thank god that good material last long and we managed to capture it on film.

Be inspired and go out and sale.

V.Mel num sinal

The privilege of doing something wrong

Half sale sign
We have no more time to wast here. No longer do we have time for a perfect photo. No walking around looking up for a sale sign.
Well at least I do not have more time for a perfect framed picture. So, word of advice for you real estate sale sign guys out there. Put your sale advert in the middle or some place where it can be easly seen.
It will help your sale.

Burning Sale

Burning sale sign

This is how long lasting sale signs look like after a long exposure to dust and fire. Great way to show the danger this real estate is exposed to.

Passing shot, again


After a long silence, during which we get tired of posting photo after photo of sale sign creativity, we at Portugal for sale get excited after a new wave of street sale signs. And then it hit us. The emotion got back and as we drived by a far away billboard message. We get another drill of fun as we reach fast for the camera and instantly push on and turn dial for a passing shot.

Yes. The image is blurred but the emotion is real. We’re back in business. Sale’s up.


How long lasting sale signs are born


Why are poles the most frequent locations for sale signs? I believe it’s not for its easy access. The high visibility is the reason why. The sad story is that often those sale sign are located on a high point where after the sale is done no one that cares enough will be willing to climb that pole to bring the message down. And that’s how a long lasting sale sign are born.

…Damn it! If only there was a number I could call!

(Thank you Daniel for the photo)

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